How do I set up for a BRICK KIDS party? 

               We prefer to work on tables.   Ideally, you will have tables with enough chairs to accommodate all your guests.  We also like an extra table for some free play with LEGO tm bricks and space to build your child’s name in LEGO tm bricks.   If tables and chairs are not available, we can work on a wood or tile floor (carpet is hard to build LEGO tm brick creations on.)  BRICK KIDS prefer to work indoors.  (Grass eats LEGO tm bricks!)   The more you let us know about your location, the better we are able to plan the party. 

               If you are expecting younger siblings or guests at the party that are under 5 years old please let us know.   If you are expecting a large number of children under the age of 5 we can provide a DUPLOtm play area for the little ones for an additional $10.  LEGO tm bricks are not recommended for children under 5.  

               The children at the party are expected to be under the supervision of their parents and/or the party hosts at all times.   BRICK KIDS will be providing the entertainment and activities only. 

               We do not provide any food or paper goods.  We do not provide any tables or chairs.  We do provide a lot of LEGO tm brick fun!   

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